Coagulants & Enzymes

TGPro Transglutaminase

  • Binding Enzyme
  • Higher Yields
  • Less Waste

TGPro Transglutaminase known as “meat glue” is a widely used natural enzyme produced by the fermentation of Streptoverticillium Mobaraense that has binding effects that can remarkably improve the physical  properties of food while delivering added value to products.


  • Higher yields
  • Improves texture & flavor
  • Improves shelf-life
  • Reduces waste

TgPro Transglutaminase Liquid

  • Transglutaminase Enzyme
  • Natural Binding Agent
  • 100 u/g
CATEGORY: Coagulants & Enzymes, Transglutiminase Enzyme
BENEFITS: In sausage, ham, salami & hotdogs
Increases gel strength and facilitates water retention
Improves texture and slice-ability
Decreases waste in chopping

In Meatballs
Increases yield (up to 10%)
Increases gel strength
Improves elasticity and texture

In Restructured Meat Products (Beef, Pork, Poultry & Fish)
Standardization of meat products
In restructured products the product can be cooked or frozen without losing shape
COMPOSITION: Transglutaminase, Maltitol, Glycerin, Water
ACTIVITY: 100 u/g
APPLICATION: Cheese, Yogurt
Beef, Chicken & Pork Ham
Sausages, hot Dogs & Bacon
SIZE: 2.2lbs (1kg)
44lbs (20kg)/box
SUGGESTED DOSAGES: 1000mg/kg of meat formula (1g/kg)
For example: 800gr meat + 100gr water + 100gr other ingredients = 1kg of formula)
STORAGE: Room temperature
AVAILABILITY: Usually ships in 2 weeks