About us

About us

Codex-ing® Biotech Ingredients is a single source B2B wholesale enterprise with a strong focus on eco-friendly and sustainable ingredient solutions. We are committed to providing our customers with a portfolio of advantageous natural ingredients that offers increased efficiency at an excellent value.

Our Purpose

Greatness is achieved by
Relating to and prioritizing our customers and understanding their needs. We believe in
Engaging and educating our customers by offering
Efficient and ethical
Natural Ingredient Solutions

Our Vision
Through biotechnology, to create a brand of natural ingredients solutions that will provide added value and replace synthetic ingredients in the use of food production.

Our Values
We are committed to our clients
We put a strong focus on product quality and reliability
We assume accountability when needed
We have integrity & ethical values
We believe in continuous improvement & innovation


If you are interested in distributing opportunities for our line of biotech ingredients please contact us at codex-ing@codex-ing.com

Dear Valuable Customer, 

In the last 150 years with the assistance of biotech ingredients, food has never been safer. The relationship between ingredients and biotechnology has expanded and improved the overall production of food. To continuously improve as a food producer requires Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), quality and reliable ingredients, and a system of quality control and hygienic practices.

Codex-ing®, a Danish-American owned organization that started out with a focused on milk production and dairy processing through its mother company, Agri-Lac® which has been in existence for over 25 years. Agri-Lac® worked with several multinational ingredient companies and successfully introduced their lines of ingredients. A few years ago we decided to use the experience we gained to develop our own line of biotech ingredients for food production.

Our product range covers cultures, enzymes, probiotics, natural preservatives, natural flavors  and quality control instruments. Our ingredients come from all over the world and conform to highest international standards. Our mission is to continuously provide a portfolio of advantageous natural ingredient solutions that offer increased efficiency at an excellent value.


Jens Spangenberg
Cand-Agro DK